Domestic and such matters

May 19th, 2005

Whew… all’s well with my world again – Kanaga my maid is back :)! She didn’t turn up for two days and due to a ‘communication gap’ I thought she wasn’t coming back ever. It was like the rug had been pulled from under me! You see, advice she was not just my maid but my cook as well. I didn’t mind that the house was not swept and swabbed; I could handle the dirty dishes; my washing machine took care of our clothes. But the cooking {shudder, visit this site shudder}…

Sunday I was rudely yanked into the kitchen and reminded of how much I disliked the job of getting the dishes on the table. I’m an okay cook (thanks for pretending, tadalafil Navin) but I take too much time. I like to play with water (again, thanks Navin). It’s like every other minute I’m washing the vessels, washing my hands, wiping my hands, wiping the ledge, putting used vessels in the sink and filling them with water, and placing the washed ones back on the shelf! In the process, of course the cooking suffers. Anyway, I love Konkani food and can churn it out decently. Only thing is I need advance notice! But I bravely managed to cook lunch but for dinner we escaped and ate out.

In the evening we visited Mr. Srinivasan to discuss his book – all of us are happy with the way it’s turning out. It should be launched by mid-June. Just as I was about to ask M & D about their dinner plan, M herself called me. After agreeing to do dinner together, she asked me whether we can meet up at Shoppers’ Stop. I shrieked with delight – I was yearning to use the gift voucher that India Resort Survey had sent me for (warning, bragging ahead!) winning the “Reviewer of the Month” last month for our comments on Club Mahindra’s Goa resort (you need to a log-in to go to the reviews).

Bought myself a cute Scullers top while M splurged on a top and a skirt/matching top. The boys didn’t “get” anything! We ate at the Red E Food Court opposite. Loved the Buttered cauliflower starter but struggled with my Corn-and-spinach steak, finally washing it down with an Orange magic mocktail!

Monday, I dreaded waking up to another day of drudgery in the kitchen. But I was so mad at Kanaga that I promised myself that I could, and would, pack lunch for Navin. I had soaked some rajma overnight, so made chapattis with rajma curry for his lunch. (That gave me a great sense of achievement and I almost saw myself cooking regularly again – but no, I didn’t want such foolish notions.) For breakfast, had dosas and chutney. After Navin left for work, I washed the dishes for about 2 hours. Then I decided I needed a makeshift maid and spoke to Jaya, another maid in our complex, who was nice enough to say okay, but could only work from Tuesday (no cooking, only the ‘top work’). This was all in the belief that Kanaga had turned traitor!!! Half my work day was gone, so I decided to take it easy. I deserved the break, didn’t I, what with the physical and mental hell I was going through? Just switched on the a/c and slept, but woke up feeling depressed and sullen. For dinner, we had instant noodles.

Tuesday, my prayers were answered when I heard the doorbell at 6.45 a.m. Kanaga walked in as if everything was normal. I ranted for about 10 minutes till I realised that she had had no intentions of quitting. She had been unwell and couldn’t send me word. Peace!

But I had to take a 3-day break from blogging to recover from the slogging (I swear that was unintended!).

Coming to a theatre near you… Ads

May 13th, 2005

Several mega brands are going to tie up with movie theatres for ads to be shown before and during intervals, tooth along with product promotions, no rx sampling and signages. I guess the days of “Nijaam Paakku” and “Vicco Vajradanti Ayurvedic Cream” ads are over! Read the full ET article.

Living past the glories of sport

May 12th, 2005

What can sportpersons do after they retire, infertility which is usually when quite young, sovaldi in their late 20s and mid-30s? This article in the Hindu explores an issue I found very interesting. Rohit Brijnath, who writes so well, says:

All their lives have been structured into pulling on a shirt and performing, and then, one morning, the cheering stops and there is nowhere to go. It can be devastating.

It’s surprising that Brijnath has not been credited in the online version!

The week(end) that was…

May 9th, 2005

Navin was out of town from Tuesday to Saturday last, endocrinologist on “official duty.” I enjoyed the time with myself. I think 4 or 5 days is just about okay, viagra but being alone for more than that would probably make me go crazy. Also, we were in touch everyday, updating each other on what was happening at either end. At Bangalore, due to a cancelled meeting, he found the time to have dinner with R & P one day. I missed being there with them – I had even contemplated going to B’lore for a day, but we dismissed it as too wild a plan, even for us!! R & P are moving to a new house mid-May, and they have given us an open invite to come any weekend, so that’s something we plan to do soon.

In the meantime, here I had some meetings and discussions of my own. I’m quite keyed up about it, it’s all hush-hush. I’ll write about it if anything works out.

Suresh landed on Saturday morning from Salem for a wedding reception. With Navin out of the picture, where he and Suresh would otherwise discuss/exchange techno secrets, Suresh and I had a long chat about more personal stuff. Looks like he’s in a checkmate situation – I really hope it will be resolved happily for him somehow, say with the help of some deus ex machina.

We watched Swordfish last night. Just 3 words – “didn’t like it.” Ok story, but v. average direction. Hugh Jackman is so handsome, but so wasted in his role. Don’t have the enthu to say anything more.

What were they thinking?

May 6th, 2005

Here are some stories I found funny.

A stomatology ,1475866, ed 00.html” target=”blank”>Guardian report on bungling British thieves contained this:

…the recent downfall of London robber Robert Downey, misbirth who held up bookies with a banana which he had wrapped in a transparent plastic bag.

…another suspected burglar was caught after making so much noise on 70-year-old Jean Collop’s cottage roof in Cornwall that she woke up and felled him with a garden gnome.

The other is a snippet from The Hindu in the Newscape section – 5 May 2005:

Sridhar Reddy (26) who swallowed his six-inch toothbrush while brushing half asleep in the morning, underwent surgery in Secunderabad and is now out of danger.

Sounded like absurd plots from a sitcom!