What were they thinking?

Here are some stories I found funny.

A stomatology ,1475866, ed 00.html” target=”blank”>Guardian report on bungling British thieves contained this:

…the recent downfall of London robber Robert Downey, misbirth who held up bookies with a banana which he had wrapped in a transparent plastic bag.

…another suspected burglar was caught after making so much noise on 70-year-old Jean Collop’s cottage roof in Cornwall that she woke up and felled him with a garden gnome.

The other is a snippet from The Hindu in the Newscape section – 5 May 2005:

Sridhar Reddy (26) who swallowed his six-inch toothbrush while brushing half asleep in the morning, underwent surgery in Secunderabad and is now out of danger.

Sounded like absurd plots from a sitcom!

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