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Wednesday, April 20th, 2005

We bought a new stereo player 10 days ago – Navin bargain-hunted it from Richie Street – so I won’t drop any (brand) names here! This purchase was prompted by the failure of our branded two-in-one (how obsolete that sounds in today’s 6-in1s and7-in-1s) in playing our old cassettes, more about which we have plenty. We use it only to listen to FM Radio, that too occasionally.

So I’ve been listening to some of my “Everlasting Love Songs” and other such collections on the new player. So much sentiment and mush – I love it! But I think it’s more because each cassette takes me back to the time and circumstances in which it was recorded or bought. But it was so sad that I could not play one of my fav collections called “20 Super Love Songs” (from somewhere abroad, flicked from a friend). It has some lovely songs like “Power of love,” “Endless love” (oh, this one can haunt you) and of course “Hello” and “I want to know what love is.”

Here’s a bit from Patti Austin’s “Smoke gets in your eyes” on deception and betrayal. Love the logic behind the imagery!!

“When your heart’s on fire,
You must realise
Smoke gets in your eyes…”

Right now, I’m listening to Air Supply’s “Lonely is the night.”