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Priya to undergo surgery

Tuesday, May 31st, 2005

Navin just told me that his colleague Priya is going to undergo laparoscopic surgery for an abnormal growth on her ovary. She had complained of acute stomach ache over the weekend and on Monday was taken to the hospital, health system given a scan, cheap etc. The doctors tried to dissolve the growth with medication but today they pronounced that they had to remove it with surgery. She’s going to be operated upon at 5 p.m.

The saddest and scariest part is that her wedding is coming up on June 24th. I’m sure there are hundreds of questions in her mind – her family must be worried too. I hope and pray that everything goes well.

It’s also a wake-up call for me to have regular health check-ups. We have been constantly talking about it but we don’t either find the time or take the effort to get one done. This sudden news about Priya has alarmed me enough to get one done soon. It will at least prove that everything’s normal and as it should be!free naked videos
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Domestic and such matters

Thursday, May 19th, 2005

Whew… all’s well with my world again – Kanaga my maid is back :)! She didn’t turn up for two days and due to a ‘communication gap’ I thought she wasn’t coming back ever. It was like the rug had been pulled from under me! You see, advice she was not just my maid but my cook as well. I didn’t mind that the house was not swept and swabbed; I could handle the dirty dishes; my washing machine took care of our clothes. But the cooking {shudder, visit this site shudder}…

Sunday I was rudely yanked into the kitchen and reminded of how much I disliked the job of getting the dishes on the table. I’m an okay cook (thanks for pretending, tadalafil Navin) but I take too much time. I like to play with water (again, thanks Navin). It’s like every other minute I’m washing the vessels, washing my hands, wiping my hands, wiping the ledge, putting used vessels in the sink and filling them with water, and placing the washed ones back on the shelf! In the process, of course the cooking suffers. Anyway, I love Konkani food and can churn it out decently. Only thing is I need advance notice! But I bravely managed to cook lunch but for dinner we escaped and ate out.

In the evening we visited Mr. Srinivasan to discuss his book – all of us are happy with the way it’s turning out. It should be launched by mid-June. Just as I was about to ask M & D about their dinner plan, M herself called me. After agreeing to do dinner together, she asked me whether we can meet up at Shoppers’ Stop. I shrieked with delight – I was yearning to use the gift voucher that India Resort Survey had sent me for (warning, bragging ahead!) winning the “Reviewer of the Month” last month for our comments on Club Mahindra’s Goa resort (you need to a log-in to go to the reviews).

Bought myself a cute Scullers top while M splurged on a top and a skirt/matching top. The boys didn’t “get” anything! We ate at the Red E Food Court opposite. Loved the Buttered cauliflower starter but struggled with my Corn-and-spinach steak, finally washing it down with an Orange magic mocktail!

Monday, I dreaded waking up to another day of drudgery in the kitchen. But I was so mad at Kanaga that I promised myself that I could, and would, pack lunch for Navin. I had soaked some rajma overnight, so made chapattis with rajma curry for his lunch. (That gave me a great sense of achievement and I almost saw myself cooking regularly again – but no, I didn’t want such foolish notions.) For breakfast, had dosas and chutney. After Navin left for work, I washed the dishes for about 2 hours. Then I decided I needed a makeshift maid and spoke to Jaya, another maid in our complex, who was nice enough to say okay, but could only work from Tuesday (no cooking, only the ‘top work’). This was all in the belief that Kanaga had turned traitor!!! Half my work day was gone, so I decided to take it easy. I deserved the break, didn’t I, what with the physical and mental hell I was going through? Just switched on the a/c and slept, but woke up feeling depressed and sullen. For dinner, we had instant noodles.

Tuesday, my prayers were answered when I heard the doorbell at 6.45 a.m. Kanaga walked in as if everything was normal. I ranted for about 10 minutes till I realised that she had had no intentions of quitting. She had been unwell and couldn’t send me word. Peace!

But I had to take a 3-day break from blogging to recover from the slogging (I swear that was unintended!).

Coimbatore trip

Thursday, May 5th, 2005

Here’s the Coimbatore diary:

Apr 28: Nilagiri Express reached around noon (the correct time would be 6 a.m). Without a book or a mag, pancreatitis I was bored out of my wits rather than exhausted. After a simple Konkani lunch of rice, pharm thoy (thoor dal tadka) and thendla ukkari (kovakkai poriyal), I slept the hot afternoon away.

In the evening, my parents and I reached the reception hall just as the baraat arrived. Even though Hindi movies have done baraat scenes to death, it was all very new for us – the groom on the horse with a veil covering his face, the band, the dancing, currency notes waved around the groom and the dancers and then given to the band musicians. Dhana stood out from her relatives as usual – while most of the women from the immediate family were dressed in chiffon sarees, glittering sequins and sleevess blouses, many with coloured hair, there she was in a silk saree, bindi and her long hair plaited. Though her 4-year-old daughter Kriti tagged along with her wide-eyed at all the excitement, Bala had to manage 1-year-old Srivar.

It took about an hour for the party to move inside but even then Montu sat with his face covered and a sheathed sword in his hand till the bride arrived. The bride was pretty in a very traditional way, and she and Montu looked good together. The impatient guests, not used to waiting so long to wish the couple and get to the food, rushed up on the stage before even the photographers got ready to click away! I met KP’s mom, Rajsundari’s parents, Sudha (who lives in Chennai now, very close to our place in fact), and said hello to Dhana’s assorted relatives.

Dhana and I were happy to see each other, but we couldn’t find time to talk much. But I did manage a 40-min phone conversation with her before leaving CBE. Ours is a 17-year-old friendship – we practically grew up together – can’t find any other words to describe it.

Apr 29: Spent the entire day at home doing nothing. Talked to Sabby and Subha. Went for a walk with my parents in the evening. Got some pics of the cats. There are only 5 of them now, whereas the number used to be nearer 8 some years back.


Apr 30: Navin arrived early in the morning. We reached his place after lunch. Went out in the evening and did some shopping. Navin’s mom gave me the Khadi silk saree she has been talking about – it is a plain green saree with a lovely threadwork border and “Ramayanam” pallu. Will have to find an occasion to wear it soon!

May 1: Got up pretty late. After lunch and siesta, it was time for shopping again. I was curious to see the popular Kalyan Sarees and my m-in-law was only too happy to oblige! Bought some pretty bedspreads/pillow covers and towels. Dinner was at one of CBE’s most happening places, “Pure and Natural,” in the Nehru Stadium complex, where you get only vegetable and fruit salads/meals, plus fresh fruit juices and milkshakes. The menu was extensive and quite interesting. As I hate raw vegetables, my choice was fruit – a “Date and Raisin” something – fruits with dates and raisins, mixed with cream. It was yummy and filling. But I managed a “Chilli Gobi” at my in-laws’ favourite roadside fast-food joint, and then some ice cream fizz at “Boomerang,” where it all began for Navin and me one August evening in 1999! Corny as that sounds, that’s the truth!

The IMDB treasure trove

Wednesday, May 4th, 2005

Back after more than a week… well, illness I have been out of town, busy with meetings… ok, you get the picture… I was in danger of becoming blog-tied (my variation of tongue-tied) again! But thank God for that fascinating, brilliant website, which is my refuge when boredom or listlessness sets in. Now, it seems to inspire to me to “act” too (you’ll see what brought on the puns)!!

I started with looking up Far from Heaven – the movie had just started on Star Movies, I didn’t have a clue about what it was about, and I was clueless even 10 mins into the movie. It was interesting to watch a movie without knowing a thing about it, but I didn’t have the time to watch it fully. I realised usually I looked up a movie before watching it or read the outline on the DVD cover, or watched it only if I knew the actors/director or only if someone had recommended it to me or talked about it. (It was the same with books – when I used to devour them by the dozen, long ago. Sadly these days I’m left trudging through Dan Brown’s “fast-paced” Angels and Demons!) I hate knowing the story or how a movie ends, but I’m suspicious when I don’t know anything – at least need to know the genre, the lead cast, or maybe the director. With IMDB, these days it is so much easier to find reviews and everything else about movies. So I learnt that though Far from Heaven had a good plot about a couple in the 1950s dealing with issues of homosexuality and racism, it lacked a good screenplay and direction. And though the plot was intriguing enough, the reviews put me off (one guy called it “far from watchable”) – although I might have watched a little more to judge for myself.

Last week, I stumbled upon Hysterical Blindness on HBO the same way. But Uma Thurman and the story kept me hooked. I loved it for its original story, characterisations and raw honesty. Later on, I found out from IMDB that the HBO original movie’s director was Mira Nair!

Coming to puns, did you know that the tagline for Cocktail, in which Tom Cruise plays a bartender, is “When he pours, he reigns.” One of the best 🙂

Here’s a quote from Andre Agassi (also from IMDB, let me assure you!) on playing wife Steffi Graf): “She always wins. The problem is I can’t always keep my eyes on the ball.” How lovely!

Dangerously prolific…

Monday, April 25th, 2005

Am editing some papers on folklore and the kind of stories I get to read is interesting, about it to say the least! Came across this today in an essay on Mizo oral discourse about a folksong writer.

Pi Hmuaki was the first known composer and legend has it that the chief and village elders finally had her buried alive for fear she would finish composing all the songs and leave nothing for future generations. Her singing accompanied by her gong was said to be heard for seven days from her grave before it finally stilled.

I’m mighty amused… ROTFL