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Coming to a theatre near you… Ads

Friday, May 13th, 2005

Several mega brands are going to tie up with movie theatres for ads to be shown before and during intervals, tooth along with product promotions, no rx sampling and signages. I guess the days of “Nijaam Paakku” and “Vicco Vajradanti Ayurvedic Cream” ads are over! Read the full ET article.

The week(end) that was…

Monday, May 9th, 2005

Navin was out of town from Tuesday to Saturday last, endocrinologist on “official duty.” I enjoyed the time with myself. I think 4 or 5 days is just about okay, viagra but being alone for more than that would probably make me go crazy. Also, we were in touch everyday, updating each other on what was happening at either end. At Bangalore, due to a cancelled meeting, he found the time to have dinner with R & P one day. I missed being there with them – I had even contemplated going to B’lore for a day, but we dismissed it as too wild a plan, even for us!! R & P are moving to a new house mid-May, and they have given us an open invite to come any weekend, so that’s something we plan to do soon.

In the meantime, here I had some meetings and discussions of my own. I’m quite keyed up about it, it’s all hush-hush. I’ll write about it if anything works out.

Suresh landed on Saturday morning from Salem for a wedding reception. With Navin out of the picture, where he and Suresh would otherwise discuss/exchange techno secrets, Suresh and I had a long chat about more personal stuff. Looks like he’s in a checkmate situation – I really hope it will be resolved happily for him somehow, say with the help of some deus ex machina.

We watched Swordfish last night. Just 3 words – “didn’t like it.” Ok story, but v. average direction. Hugh Jackman is so handsome, but so wasted in his role. Don’t have the enthu to say anything more.

The IMDB treasure trove

Wednesday, May 4th, 2005

Back after more than a week… well, illness I have been out of town, busy with meetings… ok, you get the picture… I was in danger of becoming blog-tied (my variation of tongue-tied) again! But thank God for that fascinating, brilliant website, which is my refuge when boredom or listlessness sets in. Now, it seems to inspire to me to “act” too (you’ll see what brought on the puns)!!

I started with looking up Far from Heaven – the movie had just started on Star Movies, I didn’t have a clue about what it was about, and I was clueless even 10 mins into the movie. It was interesting to watch a movie without knowing a thing about it, but I didn’t have the time to watch it fully. I realised usually I looked up a movie before watching it or read the outline on the DVD cover, or watched it only if I knew the actors/director or only if someone had recommended it to me or talked about it. (It was the same with books – when I used to devour them by the dozen, long ago. Sadly these days I’m left trudging through Dan Brown’s “fast-paced” Angels and Demons!) I hate knowing the story or how a movie ends, but I’m suspicious when I don’t know anything – at least need to know the genre, the lead cast, or maybe the director. With IMDB, these days it is so much easier to find reviews and everything else about movies. So I learnt that though Far from Heaven had a good plot about a couple in the 1950s dealing with issues of homosexuality and racism, it lacked a good screenplay and direction. And though the plot was intriguing enough, the reviews put me off (one guy called it “far from watchable”) – although I might have watched a little more to judge for myself.

Last week, I stumbled upon Hysterical Blindness on HBO the same way. But Uma Thurman and the story kept me hooked. I loved it for its original story, characterisations and raw honesty. Later on, I found out from IMDB that the HBO original movie’s director was Mira Nair!

Coming to puns, did you know that the tagline for Cocktail, in which Tom Cruise plays a bartender, is “When he pours, he reigns.” One of the best 🙂

Here’s a quote from Andre Agassi (also from IMDB, let me assure you!) on playing wife Steffi Graf): “She always wins. The problem is I can’t always keep my eyes on the ball.” How lovely!

First post

Saturday, April 16th, 2005

Hi, viagra 60mg thanks for stopping by. I have to admit right at this stage that this is my second attempt at blogging. My first blog lasted all of one week and 2 rather long posts. This time, I’m going to be sensible and try to write short posts, but keep it up every day. Let’s see… Navin’s probably the happier of the two of us 🙂 – he’s been urging me forever to blog, especially after he started blogging regularly.

Watched The Grudge last night. Based on the Japanese horror movie “Ju-on” and directed by the original director, the movie was touted to be similar to the very scary The Ring. But for me it was too gimicky, without real emotions, no acting (Sarah Michelle Gellar walks through her part like a zombie) , and not much scary. Navin was yawning through the second half of the movie and we were cracking “Scary Movie” type jokes about the alleged “ghost”!! “The Ring” was definitely a class apart.

We have another DVD – Tarantino’s “Reservoir Dogs” – to watch tonight.