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Chennai Bloggers Meet on 22 May 2005

Friday, May 20th, 2005

The next Chennai bloggers meet is happening on the coming Sunday – 22 May. Thanks, viagra Vijay, sale for alerting us.

Fresh from the Caferati read-meet last Saturday, where we met some great people, Navin and I are keen to know online people offline as well, especially bloggers.

Bare details of the event:

Date: Sunday, 22nd May 2005
Time: 5.00 pm onwards
Location: Java Green outlet, North Usman Road, Near Panagal Park, T. Nagar

For a map of the location, see Navin’s post or
Nirenjan’s entry for all the details.

If you’re a Chennai blogger, see you there!

A long Saturday…

Monday, April 25th, 2005

What did i do on Friday… hmm… nothing to report. Saturday was tiring – we were supposed to join Prasad to watch a few 100-year-old movies as part of a film festival at Sathyam. Then we were to go with him to British Council’s Culture Cafe meet. Navin couldn’t get up [that reminds me… Friday night he indulged in a little too much revelry with Deepu & Ashwin] early enough and we made it straight to BC.

According to the organisers, symptoms “The British Council Writers’ Circle is an eclectic collection of individual writers who get together to not only hone their craft, sick but also, disease enable each other with shared learnings and create an interest in books in the community. ”

While I enjoyed the intellectual stimulation of discussing the art and craft, I couldn’t imagine sharing/exposing/ discussing my writing (not that I’m much of a writer) so intimately with others. Also, getting feedback is one thing, but getting ideas from others doesn’t seem very creative to me! I could never interfere with a writer’s creative flow – both as an editor and as an individual. Collaborative writing seems exciting – it fulfills the need to share and communicate and explain/ justify one’s motives in writing what one has, with people who hopefully will understand, which few writers get to do – it also I guess makes the process of writing less lonely – but it remains a fad only. A writer finally has to stand on his own merit. But since I haven’t taken part in it, I don’t know how it works! It works for some people, I guess.

After lunch at Saravana Bhavan with Prasad (where we discussed our mutual interest in publishing, restaurants & coffee), Navin and I camped in Mylapore, around the tailor’s place, where my blouse was due to be ready at 7 p.m. We bought a few knick-knacks at Mrignayanee (the MP handicrafts emporium) and three kora-paais. Navin eyes then lit up at the sight of a ‘Sale’ banner at Toys Kemp – what’s it with men and toys? Sigh… anyway, I thought I’ll use the time and go and look up friends (Chandroo’s getting married on Tuesday) at The place seemed unoccupied, but mama saw me and invited me up to their place. Mama and mami, tenants of the small barsati-like portion of the building, used to provide us excellent filter coffee when I worked at Sulekha. They were warm and welcoming as always, and I got another of that refreshing tumbler of coffee. Chatted with their daughter Kalpana for 10 mins and went down to find Navin had picked up some icky-looking lizards, insects and a really disgusting intestines model!! I’m refusing to touch them.

Called Priya, who said why don’t we finish off some wedding shopping for her? So we met up with her mom and her at Spencer’s. Navin was despatched to Landmark while we indulged in shopping at Estelle, Westside and Pantaloons. Back to Mylapore for the blouse. Then the eternal dilemma: where do we have dinner? I was really exhausted with all the walking around (not the shopping around) and Navin decided to treat me at the new Traders Hotel. The building and the interiors were lovely, but… the prices and the service at the ‘Indiana’ restaurant sucked! Let me allow Navin to write about it 🙂 And about why we bought the kora-paai.

Good dinner outing

Thursday, April 21st, 2005

Y’day plans suddenly changed and we went to M & D’s for dinner. We wanted to meet Dilip’s parents, this site who have come down from Tirunelveli, order and Eli (N and M’s ex-colleague) who’s come down from Bangalore. Chris and Deepa who were supposed to join us couldn’t make it. We met at M & D’s house, chatted till D arrived from work, and then went nearby to Kwality on Montieth Road for dinner.

D’s parents were great fun – we heard lots of stories of M & D’s wedding, there were lots of jokes and teasing. Contrary to apprehensions, they were cool…

Eli has put on some weight and looked as natty as always. She works in a BPO and it was interesting to hear what she did and her whole nightly schedule! She still doesn’t eat much – but she has a newfound interest in fruits!

Weekend update

Monday, April 18th, 2005

The Zine5 fourth anniversary get-together on 16th was a disappointment with only five of us being present. But most writers informed us beforehand that they would not be able to make it. Mina of Mina’s Musings and her hubby Dilip (who has also written irregularly for Zine5), internist and Arun Ranganath of Arun’s Corner arrived one after the other. We had a good time swapping stories. My cook Kanaga made moong sundal and we had soft drinks to go with it (yes, the food is important).

After Arun left, the four of us went and had dinner at “Pasta & Noodles” at Besant Nagar. We have always loved the continental food there, but much to our dismay, this time both veg and non-veg dishes had liberal amounts of Indian spices, which made them quite unpalatable.

Reading about Caferati’s Chennai meet (check out their upcoming events at, I told Navin that we should do something similar – a reading or some activity that will bring our writers together and be meaningful for them too. Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly), our friend and writer GVK of Dateline Mysore wrote in with a suggestion to have Zine5 writer meets in smaller towns. We must explore options.

Sunday, made our first “managed publishing” proposal to a retired sales & marketing hotshot. Let’s see if it works out. Then off to T. Nagar for saree shopping. I wanted to buy a new saree for Dhana’s brother Montu’s wedding that’s coming up on 28th. I’m shopping for a saree after years. Much parking hassle later, we landed in Chennai Silks. I bought a semi-raw silk saree in ‘Fanta’ (as a saree-crazy ex-colleague would say) orange with a golden beige border – yummy. Can’t wait to wear it. Geetha recommended a tailor in Mylapore and hopefully Priya (N’s colleague) will get it to him to get the blouse stitched and the other paraphernalia done!

After dinner, we kept our dessert appointment with Nithila and the Baskarans. Nithila couldn’t wait to bring out Alli’s three cute furry bundles. All of 20 days old, they are just beginning to walk, their hind legs not fully cooperating on the mosaic floor. Here’s a pic:

After a bowl of fruit salad with ice cream, Nithila showed her pics of the villages and kuppams from her tsunami work. Navin was fascinated with her pics and stories of the nari-kuravas. It was eleven when we finally left!